Adult Driver Education

Private Driving Lessons:  $75/ hour on weekdays before 3pm only

                                         $100/hour on weekends after 4pm only


Private behind the wheel lessons are offered to adult drivers who have already obtained their learners permit.  

$70.00     Adult Course Class only


Adult drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 must complete a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation certified 6-hour adult course in order to obtain a drivers license.  This course is offered every first Saturday of the month.  The written test will be given at Roadworthy Driving Academy and the results will be recorded on the official certificate at the end of the 6 hour course. Adults who complete our adult course are encouraged to purchase additional private behind the wheel lessons.  These lessons can be done after the individual obtains their permit.  



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In a hurry??? Take the Adult class Online today.

Please call (210) 945-7600 for more information.


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