Phase I (Classroom Instruction)

Phase I consists of classroom instruction by a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation certified driver education teacher.  The classroom portion runs for 16 days, Monday through Thursday for 2 hours a day.  In the first three days of class, the student learns about Texas traffic laws and signs to prepare for the permit test.  Students will prepare for the permit test through use of the Texas Drivers Handbook and practice tests that resemble the actual test taken at the Department of Public Safety.  In the remaining 13 days, all other aspects of driving will be taught through use of a textbook, lecture, and videos.  Quizzes will be given along the way and a final exam is taken on the last day of class. The students learn everything from highway driving to car parts and engine fluids. Roadworthy Driving Academy is a state approved Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness school which may give the student an additional 5% discount on their insurance.  Over three class days, students will learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol, consequences, statistics, real cases, and they will watch several videos about true stories and how making bad choices could affect their lives forever. 

Phase 1 (Online Instruction)


Phase 1 Online consists of the same requirement of 32 hours of instruction, provided no more than 2 hours a day, but taken at the student's own pace.  Course work cannot be completed in less than 16 days.  No Drug & Alcohol discount will be given with the online class.  Once your permit has been received, please contact our office to begin the behind the wheel portion.