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Scheduling at Roadworthy

At Roadworthy we believe that practice makes a good driver and that our lessons are only the framework needed to become a good driver. These sessions with us will teach you the basics of driving a car but you will need and be expected to practice at home with your parents or any other licensed driver over the age of 21 that will take you out to drive. 

Driver education is designed to last about 6 months, the same time a young driver must hold their permit. This means that drive sessions should be spread out over that amount of time and practice should occur in between. Ideally, a young driver should schedule one lesson a month and practice between each session to master the skills introduced in the session. Finding and scheduling drive times is an ongoing process that is NOT to be completed all in one month.

We DO NOT allow students to schedule all sessions in one week or even one month. After all, you did not learn and master a sport, or an instrument, or even how to read in only one month. Driving is a serious, life or death matter and we take it very seriously. If you choose to do that you will have to wait and in many cases enter a new contract and incur additional fees with Roadworthy. Driving sessions are offered three weeks in advance and at certain times of the year open sessions are hard to find.


Please be proactive and schedule your drive times every few weeks. You will finish by your deadline date and we promise you will be a better driver if you spread out your sessions with our instructors and get plenty of practice. 

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