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PHASE II (In Car and Simulators)


After receiving their permit, the student will provide their permit/learner license

information to the school to activate their account at  

This is an online scheduling program that the students will use to schedule their

drive times.  With Internet access at school or home, they simply go

to the website ( and log in to their account.

Scheduling drive times is quite simple and can be done at their



In addition to the hours driven and observed with the driving school,

all students must also log 30 hours with a licensed driver over the

age of 21.  All hours must be documented on a log to include, date,

time driven, and name/ driver license number of accompanying driver.  

At least 10 hours of the 30 must be at nighttime.   At Roadworthy we

have an electronic log on our scheduling website,


Drive sessions are available six days a week. All simulation and behind the wheel lessons are scheduled online, in two-hour blocks. Students will log in to their account at and sign up for behind the wheel sessions.  Each session will have room for two students.  One student will drive the first hour with the instructor in the passenger seat while the other student sits in the back and observes.  The students then switch giving each student one hour of driving and one hour of observing. Students are given a rating on a 1-5 scale (5 being the highest rating). You may view instructor comments in the student's schedule2drive account.


The first drive session includes basic car maneuvers such as left and right turns while driving in a nearby neighborhood. Drives will progress to rural roads, multi-lane roads and then to driving on the highway with the final drive being the test drive.  The final drive will also address any problems during the test or allowing a retake of a failed test if needed.  They must pass with a score of 70 or better to receive the DEE-964 certificate to apply for their next phase.


At the end of their permit phase, all students must take a driving test with Roadworthy or DPS personnel and must pass in order to receive their next phase of license. Once a student has completed both the classroom instruction and the in-car instruction, they have officially graduated from Roadworthy Driving Academy and will receive all legal certificates indicating successful completion of a Texas Drivers Education course.  The student will also receive a certificate to give their insurance company for a possible 10% discount on their liability insurance. 

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